The exceptional companies that we've invested in.

The exceptional companies that we've invested in.

The exceptional companies that we've invested in.



Your entire HR Data Strategy Delivered in One Model.

Supply chain visibility platform designed for transportation into yards, warehouses, and stores.

Automated data centralization platform. Connectors sync data from cloud applications, databases, and event logs into users' data warehouses.

Develop your database online without writing a single line of code.

The web's largest event ticket search engine.

A smarter way for AP managers, approvers, controllers and CFOs to work through the entire invoice lifecycle.

An application enablement platform that provides simple API interfaces for developers to reconfigure applications on a 5G network.

Real-time AI for Event and Risk Detection.

Satellite missions as a service. The fastest, simplest and most reliable path to orbit for any payload.

Workflow automation API platform for hospitality groups to keep menus, hours and reviews correct and consistent online.

AI-driven analytics to limitlessly search all of your cloud data for actionable insights.

Platform that predicts advertisement spend attribution using probabilistic models.

Marketplace for members to easily access and supply short term funds for immediate needs.

Production intelligence software for industrial manufacturers.

Construction management software for contractors, builders & remodelers.

Interactive photorealistic imagery with no 3D experience required.

An online marketplace connecting renters with apartment listings through personalized insights.

Warehouse Operating System that uses operational memory, the cloud and ML to empower warehouse operators.

Deep data and ongoing optimization to turn energy efficiency into a tangible asset.

Comprehensive deepfake scanning with actionable results.

Operations platform for corporate learning and development teams.

Automated team coaching, revealing insights about your teammates and yourself to your email, calendar and messaging apps.

Cloud robotics: enabling on-demand automation. Acquired by Zebra.

Full-building operating system of keyless entry security products, software, and services designed to make every building better. LTCH on Nasdaq.

Assessment-powered hiring automation to identify the strongest candidates in half the time. Acquired by Indeed.

Data-driven oilfield solutions. Optimizing well productivity and equipment longevity. Acquired by Tally Energy.

Mobile XDR to discover and analyze mobile cyber attacks. Acquired by JAMF.

Razors built for WomanKind. Acquired by Edgewell.

Invisible aligners delivered direct to you for 60% less. SDC on Nasdaq.

Seed Stage

No-code platform for process engineers to build, deploy and scale physics informed machine learning.

The next-gen candidate engagement platform that converts more candidates at every stage, from sourcing to close.

Customer revenue platform with dynamic and adaptable AI.

Wireless sensors & AI-driven platform enabling true turnkey optimization of oilfield assets.

Providing spouses with the tools, information, and personalized support to navigate their divorce journey.

Software for independent c-store owners to leverage their data with the latest technology.

Automatic ADA inspection software.

API for health data from wearables and IoT.

Community-driven and slots-only iCasino for diverse audiences.

Simplified, no-code, end-to-end data wrangling, modeling, and consumption for everyone.

The modern petroleum distribution platform tht consolidates operational processes.

Computer vision software enabling efficient processing of imaging data with high resolution and low power consumption.

AI powered network planning and monitoring with digital twins.

End-to-end payments solution and operations platform for mobile businesses (food trucks).

Platform that uses generative AI to assist software engineering teams with document review, creation, and change impact analysis.

The easiest way to capture, see, and share up-to-date data from any source, without worrying about APIs and integrations.

Non-custodial smart contracts and tools that secure your assets from loss, hacks, death, and more.

Identifying adversarial online messaging, discerning source credibility, contextual markers and quantifying risk profiles.

The platform engineering studio for cloud native applications.

B2B global marketplace for wellness brands. Connecting brands with international retailers.

Easy management for utility payments, billing, procurement, data, reporting & more - in one place.

Instantly generates production quality ReactJS from designs with computer vision.

Cyber security platform automating data protection.

Operations management software for animal welfare organizations.

AR/VR content management platform that enables you to create, organize, and learn in full 3D.

An anonymous job search that removes all unconscious bias in the recruiting process.

Utilizing movement data and analytics for organizations to make better decisions when it comes to traffic, safety and health. Acquired by Bentley Systems.

Fostering success through design. Acquired by Snapchat.

Providing real-time crowd analytics tailored for the out-of-home channel. Acquired by Reveal.

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©2024 CEAS Investments I, LLC